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Coding & Billing Charge Capture Audits

Our coding experts will review Evaluation & Management Coding and provide education to your billing providers to support their documentation of the most appropriate level of service in order to submit correct claims.

We can review documentation of infusions, radiation therapy, laboratory services, surgical procedures, etc and verify that the coding is correct and the clinical services are being documented correctly.

Missed Drug Charge Audits

Our team can create analytics reports comparing all dispensed drugs to the billed and paid charges to verify that the charge capture is correct in order to assure that high cost drugs are not being incorrectly billed resulting in lost revenue.

Posted Payment Audits

Often revenue is lost when payments received from insurance companies are less than expected, drugs and services are paid for the incorrect number of units or charges are rejected and written off in their entirety. By reviewing all adjustments posted via your payment processors, our auditors can verify that the expected payments match the posted payments and when there are discrepancies, assist in pursuing the insurance companies for reprocessing.

On-site Operational Assessments

Our consultants will visit your practice and evaluate all areas of the clinic in order to suggest operational efficiencies, workflow changes or appropriate staffing levels. By preparing for our visit through discussions with practice leadership and review of key performance indicators, our efforts are focused and practiced. Following a 1-2 day assessment, a summary report and team discussion can establish mutual goals for ongoing services if desired.

Interim Practice Leadership Staffing

Practices can struggle during transitions of key personnel due to retirement, resignation or unexpected extended absence or illness. SCIO Management’s Consultants can serve as interim leadership and assist with recruitment if desired.

Staff Training

Our experienced and knowledgeable Consultants can support training your team on new procedures and workflows. Whether you need to establish an effective Financial Counseling Program or train new Patient Registrars, we can support your goals and allow your staff to focus on the patients. When a new Practice Manager or other key employee joins a practice, creating a structure of trusted and knowledgeable support can enhance their transition and assure their success.